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Effective product metrics

Don't just value what's measurable, but measure what's valuable. Easier said than done. Here's what I experienced worked well.

Comparing the top five prioritization methods

Many product managers, including me, don’t always know if their work will lead to the desired outcome. In these moments it’s helpful to gauge the sentiment of internal stakeholders and customers to prioritize a messy backlog.

How to present design work to non-designers

A good presentation could get your design approved, or quickly dismissed if you don’t present it right.

The future of data visualisation

Data changes how we draw conclusions about the world, data visualisation helps us better understand data.

A good start for product discovery

Asking the right question can be more important than having a great idea. Here's why.

User Research Grid FANG

A clear path to action when gathering insights.

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Ask Flow

"So why do people want me to work for them?" I asked myself, proud of having saved money on an interviewer in these cost-conscious days.

"That's a good question," I riposted, to gain time.

"Thank you. Do you have a good answer?"

"I have three answers. First, I bridge product management with user research. In other words, I'm highly customer focused, but I never forget that my work is all about giving the business a good return on investment."

"Yes, that's a pretty good answer. And the second?"

"I've led big teams and delivered products that meet the exacting demands of global audiences."

"So tight deadlines don't faze you, then?"

"I laugh at tight deadlines," I said (in a deadpan way, but with a twinkle in my eye).

"And the third reason?"

"My experience. I've worked as product manager in financial services, data and renewable energy."

"Well, that all sounds compelling to me. Flow, thank you for your time."

"Thank you."

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